Veil bridal hairstyles for your wedding day

wedding hairstyles for long hair half up with veil
If the day of the wedding are going to choose to wear the veil, we give you some amazing ideas and other traditional so you feel in the best possible way the veil.

The Bridal Veil hairstyles must do it at the hairdresser, because it requires a specific application and greater styling work. You can have both long, medium or short veil. The Bridal Veil hairstyles can be from monkeys at other higher, to hairstyles with waves.

It is not recommended that you carry veil if you wear loose hair. There are brides preferring styling of bride with veil, carrying two options, the veil for the ceremony and the headdress for the banquet. Continue reading →

Gorgeous wedding hairstyles for long hair

perfect wedding hairstyles for long hair
You must remember that to choose your hairstyle you should take into account certain details. For example the model of your dress, especially the neckline or neck having this.
For example if your dress has a turtleneck or long sleeves you will have to consider to have a high hairstyle will look dress and their details.
If your dress is very simple you should choose a slightly more ornate hairdo to balance it and get the attention.
Also you have to take into account the shape of your face, the size of your ears, the length of your neck, your eyes etc.
Don’t worry if you find it difficult, you will always find specialists in beauty salons that will give you many recommendations.
If for example your face is elongated would be fine you a high hairstyle or a monkey with enough texture.
If your face is round it is recommended that you opt for take it loose and with waves. If you have long hair you can take them loose, with waves, medium collected or fully retracted, that you seat better. Continue reading →

Keys to a wedding full of fun

Approaching the day of your wedding and all our hope is placed on it. The ceremony will be emotional and beautiful, but a good feast has to be fun. But how to achieve this? Keep reading, you have all the secrets.

Many couples are concerned that your guests get bored during the banquet. Nothing easier to solve. Follow these ten simple tips, are the secret to make yours a feast more fun and unforgettable:

1. Celebrate a pre wedding party or welcome to let your guests know what is between Yes and no B day to break the ice. That will greatly improve the environment and relax the mood. In addition it will enable you enjoy them more calmly.

2. That the seating plan is well thought. It seems obvious, but it is very important to be seated with people that unites you something or at least they have good connection and conversation throughout the evening. Puts you in the place of your guests when you do it, it will help you understand and decide. Continue reading →